Different Types of Air Ionizers

Air Ionizers used to provide a healthy atmosphere

Domestic "home and office" room ionizers

These are the type we manufacture. They produce negative air ions to revitalise and purify stale indoor air and are designed to maintain negative ion  levels equal or higher than you would find in the most refreshing and invigorating places - in the mountains, near waterfalls etc.

Some models also have fans and filters. Others, intentionally or otherwise, generate ozone. (we are very much against this - see the section on ozone)

Commercial premises ionizers

These are similar to the home / office ionizers but on a larger scale and usually incorporate a large filter, either mechanical or electrostatic.

Personal Ionizers

There are two basic versions of personal ionizers. One type is like the room models but lower powered, intended to create a personal breathing space for someone in the office or travelling. These can be powered by mains or battery. The other type is small and hangs around the neck to produce ions just in front of the body. This is battery only.

Vehicle ionizers

These are similar to the home ones, designed to operate in a vehicle from its battery, to keep the driver alert and stress free.

Animal housing

Various models of ionizer have been produced for use in stables, pig sheds, pigeon coops and hen barns etc. They help to reduce dust and cross infection from airborne viruses.