Water ionisers

Water ionizers for “health-giving” drinking water

These models are relatively recent to the scene. They use the principle of electrolysis to separate the water into an acid and an alkaline form which is consumed for its medicinal qualities.

There is some doubt about this process for several reasons:

The purest water that nature provides is in the form of rain and snow. Water that has evaporated into clouds, when chilled, then condenses and falls to earth. It is in fact the process of distillation.

Pure water is an extremely poor conductor of electricity so the manufacturers specifically state that distilled water is unsuitable for this “ionization”. It needs to be normal tap water with dissolved mineral (impurities) for the process to work.

There is often a reference to pure glacier water being wonderfully healthy. In reality this is also distilled water and wouldn’t work in the machine either.

Finally, genuinely pure water is neither acid nor alkaline. It is PH neutral.

You may be interested in what Stephen Lower has to say about this process on his web site:

Stephen Lower is a retired faculty member of the Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University Burnaby / Vancouver, Canada

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