Specialist industrial ionizers

Static control ionizers

These ionizers are used in areas where static electricity can be a problem.

One example is the semiconducter industry where the components are extremely sensitive. The ionizers are designed to either deliver pulses of alternate positive then negative ions. The more sophisticated ones have sensors which continuously monitor and cause the ionizer to deliver ions of the opposite charge to the surroundings. The ions are pulled to this opposite charge and neutralise it.

Another example is in the print trade where friction between the rollers and paper generates static, causing the paper to cling and not move correctly through the machine. Printing on vinyl and other plastics is particularly susceptible to this. In this case an “ionizing bar” is fitted just above the rollers to “spray” them with the appropriate polarity of ions.

Clean room / dust removal

This type of ionizer is similar to the static control models. It generates ions of the appropriate charge to neutralise the static that makes dust cling to various objects. Our printers use one to stop plastic panels attracting dust before they are screen-printed.

Another version can be fitted to a compressed air nozzle. This way the static can be dealt with and the dust blown away at the same time.

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