Purify the air you breathe with Astrid Ionisers.

Welcome to the Ionizer Site

We are the manufacturers of Astrid negative air ionisers. We sell  them direct to customers worldwide - You can buy them here at our Astrid ioniser shop.

This site was developed as a resource of information about all aspects of ionisers and ionization. Topics include:

  • Information on positive and negative air ions.
  • Research into "Air electricity"
  • How ions are formed and how they affect us.
  • How air ionisers work.

Model: L2100

Air ioniser for Home, Office or Personal use

Large-area ionizer - This versatile model is very powerful. It covers up to 8 metres (26ft) in all directions.

Suitable for all sized rooms and also for personal use (eg. at a computer workstation or as therapy for SAD, sleeping problems etc.)

Watch on YouTube:

Astrid smoke-clearing video

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