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Welcome to the Ionizer Site

We manufacture the popular range of Astrid negative air ionizers.
If you wish to buy one, please visit our ionizer shop.

This site was developed as a resource of information regarding ionizers and ionization. Topics include:

  • Information on positive and negative air ions.
  • Research into "Air electricity"
  • How ions are formed and how they affect us.
  • How air ionisers work.

Astrid Ionizers at low prices

We sell ionisers direct to customers worldwide - through our online shop.
Cutting out the "middle man" means extra savings and unnecessary bulk shipping costs.
So, if you are looking for a quality negative ioniser at below retail prices, visit - The Astrid Ionizer Shop - or you can go directly to either of the models below by clicking on their link.

Model: L2100

Air ionizers for home or office

Large-area ionizer - covers up to 26ft (8m) in all directions. Suitable for all sized rooms.

Model E2100

Personal / Computer air ionizers

Protects your personal breathing space at home or work.

Colour: White (E2100/W)



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